UV and Thermal Stabilisers

UV Absorbers, Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS), Thermal Stabilisers and Optical Brighteners

MegaChem (UK) Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive range of UV and Thermal Stabilisers, as well as Optical Brighteners, to suit a wide variety of applications. Many of these products are stocked in the UK and are available for standard or express delivery. TDS, SDS and samples will be made available on request.

We can provide technical advice and can supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required.

Applications and Uses:

UV and Thermal stabilisers are used to improve in-process stability and end product performance for many different products from Decorative and Industrial  paints and coatings to Rubber and Plastic goods. As production methods change, and end user demands increase, the need for longer serviceable life increases.

  • In paints and coatings, they are used to maintain colour and avoid degradation of the finished coat in the most arduous of environments.
  • In plastic extrusion, discolouration and oxidation during processing can be reduced by addition of stabilisers.
  • Increasingly, stabilisers are used in exterior fascia products to extend the life of the fascias and avoid discolouration, so as to maintain the aesthetics of buildings and structures.
  • In plastic films, UV absorbers can reduce the amount of UV transmitted through the finished film.
  • In powdercoat, as many finished items are exposed to the environment, stabilisers again extend the life of the coated product.

These are just a few of the applications that we can help you with, if you can’t see what you are looking for, please call us on + 44 (0) 1291 422747 and one of our technical team can help you.

What are UV and Thermal Stabilisers?

UV Stabilisers reduce the rate at which a polymer system degrades (discolours or weathers) due to structural changes caused by light radiation. They are chemicals that can either absorb UV radiation themselves faster than the polymer and convert it into thermal energy, or they are formulated to release free radicals within the polymer to quickly terminate any broken bonds caused by UV radiation. Thermal Stabilisers, often referred to as anti-oxidants, offer similar protection to a polymer system by again competing for the radicals produced when the polymer begins to oxidise. This competition for the radicals produced effectively quenches the oxidation process, bringing stability to the system and an increase in polymer life. Optimum stability of the polymer system is usually achieved by using a combination of UV and Thermal Stabilisers, selected to suit the specific polymer in use and the processing requirements during manufacturing.

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