Sauces / Seasonings / Oils

Sauces, seasoning and oils pack lots of flavour in small amounts and generally have long shelf lives. At MegaChem (UK), we provide a range of wholesale food-grade chemicals for use in the manufacturing of sauces, seasoning and oils.

  • Sweeteners – Sweeteners are used in sauces, seasoning and oils to improve the taste. As an alternative to sugar, they result in lower calorie products with longer shelf lives.
  • Emulsifiers – Emulsifiers keep products from deflating, breaking or separating.
  • Stabilisers – Stabiliser help manufacturers create the ideal viscosity and texture within sauces and oils. They may also be used to improve heat stability if the product is generally consumed hot and to create low fat or fat-free
  • Extracts – Extracts are used to create the many flavour variations of sauces, seasonings and oils whilst keeping quantities
  • Preservatives – Preservatives contribute to the long shelf lives of these products without impacting on taste.
  • Others – Other chemicals we provide for use in sauces, seasoning and oils include colours, MSG, spice oils, amino acids and more.

Wholesale Chemicals for Sauces, Cooking Oils and Seasoning Production

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