Bakery & Confectionary

The bakery and confectionery market is one of the largest in the food industry, with the UK bakery market being worth an estimated £3.6 billion. From large-scale industrial bakeries to in-store bakeries, MegaChem can supply a wide range of functional ingredients for wholesale purchase including:

  • Antioxidants – Produced in human bodies and found in foods they help defend your cells from damage caused by harmful molecules know as free radicals. Used in bakery offering shelf life extension keeping food fresher for longer.
  • Beta Carotene – Extracted from plants and fruits and is a natural food colouring.
  • Bulking agents – These agents are used to increase the bulk volume of the bread without affecting the taste.
  • Emulsifiers – Emulsifiers are often added to baked products to improve texture, increase volume and prevent oils from separating.
  • Extracts – Extracts may be used within bakeries to create different flavours of product without impacting the shelf life.
  • Lycopene – As well as being a powerful antioxidant extracted from tomatoes  it has the added benefit as a vegan colouring agent replacing carmine made from cochineal (beetles).
  • Preservatives – Shelf life is an issue with baked goods that can be improved through the use of preservatives.
  • Processing aids – Our processing aids are used within bakeries to perform a number of applications including increasing loaf volume, improving heat resistance, prolonging shelf life and improving the elasticity of the dough.
  • Stabilisers – Stabilisers are used in commercial bakeries to help improve the structure of the mix and thus contribute to a better final product.
  • Sterols – Plant sterols resemble cholesterol so may help limit the amount of cholesterol entering the body. Used in breakfast cereals, spreads, dairy drinks, yogurts and yogurt drinks.
  • Sweeteners – Sweeteners can be effectively used in bakery products to lower the calorie content of the product without impacting on the taste.
  • Others – Our range of other chemical products for bakeries includes fruit pieces, essential oils, colourings, spice oils and much more.

Functional ingredients for bakeries

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