Polyols are compounds containing multiple hydroxyl functional groups available for reaction. These polyols can be monomeric in nature (eg. Butane diol, ethylene glycol, pentaerythritol, etc) or polymeric (eg, polyethylene glycol, polybutadiene, etc.). Polymeric polyols fall into 2 main categories, polyether based or polyester based, and are used as building blocks for making other polymers such as Polyurethanes. Natural or Bio polyols are also available from processing fatty acids extracted from vegetable oils such as castor oil and these are used extensively in Polyurethane manufacture.

Applications and Uses:

Polyols find applications in many different fields. The primary use is in reaction with Polyisocyanates to produce Polyurethanes. In Industrial coatings, these are used to improve chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. This lends itself to Auto Refinishing, where the finished coats have to be particularly durable. In Rubber and Plastic technology, rigid and flexible foam systems can be produced for applications such as seat cushioning, seal strips, etc. Many Adhesives are produced using this Polyurethane technology, including single pack, twin pack and even hotmelt PU systems, and again the foaming properties of the chemical reaction enable Sealant foams to be made.


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