Metal Soaps, Stearates, Stearic Acid

Oleochemicals are basically chemicals derived from animal or plant fats and oils as opposed to petrochemicals derived from mineral oils. These fats are used to produce fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty esters, fatty amines, glycerols and derivatives of these. Depending on the length of the carbon chain, different families are derived, eg. palmitics, stearics, oleics. Typical oleochemicals will include the fatty acids themselves or metal esters such as stearates, laurates, palmates, etc. The metals associated with the stearatas typically will be Aluminium, Calcium, Magnesium or Zinc, all of which will lend slightly different properties to ester produced.


Applications for oleochemicals are manifold, from process aids, flow aids and mould release aids in Rubbers and Plastics, to hydrophobic agents in Construction products. Used in Roadmarking paints to improve consistency and aid dispersion of the pigment stearates also find applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for lubrication and mould release. In the lubricants industry, they can be used as thixotropic agents and in metalworking they are used as dry lubricants such as in a wire drawing process. In Decorative coatings, Industrial coatings and Inks, metal stearates offer a level of matting as well as improved dispersion of other additives. The hydrophobic nature of stearates also means that they lend themselves to use within wax and polish manufacturing.


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