Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate is an insoluble salt of Lithium and takes the form of a white powder. Often produced by extraction from Lithium ores or using its insolubility to allow precipitation from Lithium rich brine. It is often used in metal oxide processing, finding particular use in the manufacture of cathodes for Lithium ion batteries.

Applications and Uses:

Applications for Lithium Carbonate are quite diverse, from industrial through to medical. In Construction it is used to accelerate silica based cements and mortars, and is found in shotcrete and waterproofing slurries where rapid curing is becoming increasingly important. Tile adhesives and flooring screeds also use the rapid curing benefits of Lithium Carbonate to help reduce construction times. Further industrial applications include ceramic glazes, where it will react with metal oxide pigments to produce specific colours, production of cathodes for Lithium Ion batteries, as previously described and in Aluminium processing. Away from industry, Lithium Carbonate is used to produce a range of medicines with particular applications for the treatment of mental illnesses.


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