Hydrocarbon Resins

Hydrocarbon resins are low molecular weight polymers produced from the aliphatic C5 and aromatic C9 distillates of crude oil. Primarily C5 and C9 resins as well as blends of C5 and C9 are used industrially to add tack to other resins and to also modify the processibility of these resins. Clear to amber in colour the hydrocarbon resins offer resistance to water and other chemicals. The resins can also be hydrogenated to varying degrees to increase stability and hence offer increased heat resistance and anti-oxidant properties.

Applications and Uses:

Hydrocarbon resins add water resistance and improved adhesion and weather resistance to Industrial coatings and Roadmarking paints. Their biggest use however is as a tackifier in Adhesives, primarily in hotmelts, but also in liquid pressure sensitive adhesives. This tackiness is also exploited in solvent based dips for wood, etc. as well as in Sealants. Also used in Rubber formulations to improve tack and modify the rheology of the pre-vulcanate.


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