Surfactants – Wetting Agents, Levelling Agents, Antifoams and Repellents

MegaChem (UK) Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive range of Surfactants and Fluorosurfactants to suit a wide variety of applications including industrial paints and coatings. Many of these products are stocked in the UK and are available for standard or express delivery. TDS, SDS and samples will be made available on request. We can provide technical advice and can supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required.

Applications and Uses:

Surfactants and Fluorosurfactants are used primarily as wetting agents, levelling agents, antifoams or repellents. Here are some common applications:

  • In Decorative or Industrial  paints and coatings they offer improvements in wet out, self-levelling, anti-block and pick-up resistance.
  • In Fillers, they offer improved blending efficiency due to the improved wetting of fillers within the systems.
  • In Construction, again wetting capabilities and anti-block advantages improve the overall performance of screeds, tile adhesives, grouts and cementitious pastes.
  • Surface repellents in Construction, non-wovens and Sealants.
  • In waxes and polishes, again the high levels of repellency offer product improvements. 

These are just a few of the applications that we can help you with, if you can’t see what you are looking for, please call us on + 44 (0) 1291 422747 and one of our technical team can help you.

What are Surfactants and Fluorosurfactants?

Many Surfactants are based on silicone technology, whereas Fluorosurfactants are essentially short chain organic compounds with a heavily fluorinated tail. Both types of surfactant have a hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end, enabling them to work at the interface between immiscible liquids, liquids and solids or liquids and gases, changing the surface tension at the interface. Surfactants can be anionic, cationic, non-ionic or amphoteric in nature. Thanks to their ability to reduce the surface tension so effectively, addition rates for Fluorosurfactants tend to be significantly lower than with traditional surfactants. The high efficiency of the Fluorosurfactant molecule offers huge benefits when used as a repellent for oil, water or other contaminants.

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All products supplied by MegaChem (UK) Ltd comply fully with REACH and CLP legislation.