Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are a range of pre-polymers and polymers containing reactive epoxide or glycidyl groups. Most typical epoxy resins are derived from reacting aromatic alcohols (Bisphenol-A or Bisphenol-F) with epichlorohydrin to form difunctional resins with specific ranges of molecular weights.

Other epoxies include Novolac and glycidylamine types, which exhibit better thermal and chemical resistance than traditional grades when cured.

Epoxy resins may be solid or liquid in form and are also available in solution (water or solvent based). Different epoxy resins can be blended together or with other constituents to modify the properties of the finished system. Aliphatic epoxy resins (sometimes called reactive diluents) can also be added to control the viscosity of an epoxy system without introducing any volatiles.

By using different Epoxy Curing Agents to facilitate the internal crosslinking of the resin, the user can control a variety of properties from cure speed to flexibility to chemical or heat resistance.

Applications and Uses:

Thanks to the variety of properties derived from the epoxy system (selected resin and curing agent) there is a wide field  of applications in which they are used; from Inks to Adhesives and from Powdercoat to Roadmarking. Industrial  paints and Coatings, such as flooring paints or metal paints, often include an epoxy resin element to add to the chemical or physical resilience of the finished coat.

Composites can be produced with varying structural properties and Plastics can be modified using epoxy resins, as can Construction materials. These modifications offer improved performance from lighter weight products, delivering huge benefits to industry.

The flexibility in finished properties combined with the continued development of new grades has brought with it an ever increasing breadth of applications for this established polymer system and we are able to offer both solid and liquid epoxy resins as well resins in solution. We are also able to offer Bis-A and Bis-F based systems alongside blends to maximise properties.


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