Amorphous Silicas

Matting Agents, Antiblocks, Flow Aids

MegaChem (UK) Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive range of Amorphous silicas to suit a wide variety of applications. Many of these products are stocked in the UK and are available for standard or express delivery. TDS, SDS and samples will be made available on request.

We can provide technical advice and can supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required.

Applications and Uses:

Amorphous silicas are used for a variety of applications from reinforcing agents in Rubbers to matting agents in paints and coatings, whether Decorative or Industrial. In Powdercoat they are also used as flow aids to ensure that an even application is achieved.

  • In animal feeds and agrochemicals they are commonly used as carriers for active components.
  • In inks and overprint varnishes, amorphous silicas can be used to control rheology, reduce surface gloss levels and offer improved anti-blocking to maximise print speeds.
  • In plastics, particularly films, again amorphous silicas can be used to add anti-blocking to the surface to prevent layers or products sticking together.
  • In cosmetics, free flow characteristics are used to improve consistency of powder based products and in toothpaste, the mildly abrasive nature of the product is used to add to the capability of the paste to clean the surface of the tooth.

These are just a few of the applications that we can help you with, if you can’t see what you are looking for, please call us on + 44 (0) 1291 422747 and one of our technical team can help you.

What are Amorphous Silicas?

Amorphous Silicas are produced by the precipitation of SiO2 from a waterglass (Sodium Silicate /Potassium Silicate) solution by the addition of acid. The resultant precipitates are dried and ground to form particles of varying sizes. Surface treatments can be applied to modify the characteristics of the silica and this combination of particle size and surface treatment is critical in product selection to fulfil specific applications. The silica particles in general have a tendency to adsorb water or other solvents, making them particularly useful as carriers for other chemicals or flow aids when added to powders. Amorphous silicas are used as reinforcing agents (white carbon), matting agents, carriers, dessicators (Silica Gels), mild abrasives and flow aids.

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