Acrylic Resins

Acrylic resin is a general term used to define a group of thermosetting or thermoplastic acrylic ester based polymers. They are available as liquid monomers or polymeric solids, solutions or waterbased emulsions. The solids are produced by polymerisation of the base monomer to produce resins of varying molecular weights, which can then be used as is or dissolved into solvents or emulsified into water. Specific acrylic resin families include PMMAs (Polymethylmethacrylates), used to form hard Plastics with excellent light transmission. Acrylic emulsions can be pure acrylic or a combination of acrylic and vinyl to offer different properties and price advantages.

Applications and Uses:

Acrylic resins find applications in many different fields. In Decorative coatings, they add good stain resistance and weathering properties when compared to vinyl resins. This weathering resistance (including UV resistance) means they can be used in Industrial  coatings, such as floor paints in exterior sports arenas. The resilience of these resins, along with their excellent adhesive qualities makes them ideal for use in Adhesives and Sealants, particularly for use in delicate environments, such as touch screens or protective films. Other applications including acrylic resins are for Automotive coatings and Plastics used in both Automotive and medical areas.


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