Acids / Acidulants

Food Grade Acids 

MegaChem (UK) hold stock of a range of food grade acids and acidulants suitable for wholesale purchase, we can supply food and drink acids and acidulants in quantities to suit your operation. To request a quick quote or sample, please call us on +44 (0) 1291 422747.

Products and Applications

We offer a range of different acids and acidulants, with products suitable for a wide range of uses within commercial and industrial food and drink manufacture including:

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)Naturally occurring in citric fruits, ascorbic acids has a number of uses as a natural food additive in commercial applications such as bakeries, drinks manufacturers, fruit processing plants, butchers and meat handlers. You can read more about the commercial applications of ascorbic acid here.

Citric Acid – Citric acid is naturally found in fruits such as lemons, limes and grapefruit; it is citric acid that is responsible for the sour taste found in these fruits. It very useful in commercial food applications as a preservative, with the acidic pH of the acid preventing bacteria from growing. Aside from this, it may also be used to give a sour flavour to dry foods such as seasoning salts and powders.

Lactic Acid – Lactic acid is naturally found in products that go through fermentation including cheeses, yoghurts and some types of bread. In commercial environments, lactic acid is commonly used as an acidification agent or preservative; this may include meats, speciality cheeses, poultry, fish, beverages, dressings and more.

Malic Acid – Malic acid forms during fruit metabolism and is present in all fruits and many vegetables. Malic acid is used as a flavouring, with its sour flavour lending itself to confectionary, beverage processing, desserts, bakery products and some medical consumables such as throat lozenges.

Trisodium Citrate – Often referred to as ‘sodium citrate’, trisodium citrate is most commonly used as a preservative or flavouring. Commercial applications include use in fizzy drinks, ice creams, jams and sweets. Trisodium Citrate may also be used as an emulsifier to make cheese sauces.

Tartaric Acid – The global tartaric acid is on the rise, with the food and beverage markets showing increased demand for the acid. Naturally occurring in some fruits, tartaric acid may be used as an additive to give s sharp, tart flavour in fruit juices, confectionary and wines.

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