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We are pleased to announce a new product from our valued TiO2 supplier Inter-China Chemical.

DR-2589 is a specially designed plastic Rutile grade with good durability. DR-2589 specialties are a super bluish undertone, outstanding lightness in colouring and excellent opacity.

The special inorganic treatment of dense amorphous silica and alumina protect the surface of Tio2 from acting with polymers or additives. The organic surface treatment ensures DR-2589 outstanding dispersion, processability and low hygroscopicity in plastics production.

The new treatment technology of DR-2589 can effectively improve the heat resistance, light fastness and weathering of plastics and keep them free from UV lights. DR-2589 is there to improve the plastics mechanical property and also the insulation when used in cable.

Key Features:

  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • High brightness and blue undertone.
  • Easy wetting and disperse.
  • High tinting strength and hiding power.


  • PVC (soft and rigid, door and window profiles, flooring)
  • Ethylene and its copolymer
  • Polyolefin (pipe, tank, agricultural film)
  • Engineering plastic polybenzene

If you want to know more about our products and services, or if you have any requests please get in touch with the team here at MegaChem.

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