Environment & Sustainability

MegaChem (UK) Ltd’s business has been built on a foundation and belief that our future and the future of the planet are intrinsically linked, so it is imperative that we work in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Our success will not only be measured in terms of profit, but also our impact on the local community and the World at large.

We have always operated a responsible and robust HSE policy to ensure that we understand our impact on people and the environment and this commitment has engendered a high level of trust from customers and suppliers alike. We understand that our responsibilities do not end at our door, so we work tirelessly with customers, suppliers and local communities to ensure that we are operating best practice at all times.

Internally we have a focus on minimising waste, whether that is paper, energy or effort and we measure our performance on a regular basis to ensure that we are meeting the high standards expected of us. Our ISO 9001 procedures include specific processes designed to drive our environmental and sustainability programs forward. This internal focus is complemented by a commitment to work with supply partners who operate in a similar way and are willing to join us in demonstrating a measurable commitment to the environment and community.

The world in which we operate is continuing to change at an ever increasing rate, placing new demands on our business, employees, customers and suppliers. MegaChem (UK) Ltd accepts the challenges this brings as a driver to improve our performance and to help us stand out from the crowd. We are an equal opportunities employer and work with partners who hold the same moral and ethical standards that we do. We operate internal policies and procedures to ensure that all employees are offered unrivalled levels of support in terms of education, training and healthcare. We know that the best way to retain a happy and successful workforce is to ensure that our employees want to work for us.

We also recognise our importance in the local community, as an employer, a potential customer to local businesses and a flagship to other local and regional businesses. We look to engage with the local community in a variety of ways as we believe it is important to support local initiatives and encourage the development of our neighbourhood and the people that live and work within it.

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