Aekyung Chemical Co., Ltd., Supplier introduction.

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AEKYUNG Chemical, leading the global market in synthetic resins.

In the first of our supplier introductions, we are pleased to introduce Aekyung Chemical Co., Ltd., established in South Korea in 1979 and part of the AK group of companies. MegaChem have great pleasure in offering their range of products to the UK market.

Main focus and applications.

Unsaturated Polyester Resin.

Unsaturated Polyester Resins are used extensively in FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) Composite applications such as boat building, auto-refinishing, architectural products, caravan building and panel manufacture for interior partition walls.

Polyisocyanate Hardener.

TDI based Polyisocyanate, this hardener is an aromatic isocyanate based Polyisocyanate. It is applied to wood and adhesive.

HDI based Polyisocyanate. this hardener is aliphatic isocyanate based Polyisocyanate. It is applied to automotive repair and general industry.

Blocked Polyisocyanate.

Blocked Polyisocyanate by hydroxyl group. When the dissociation temperature is reached, the isocyanates are generated and activated.

TDI/HDI Polyisocyanate.

This is hardener with the advantage of aromatic and aliphatic isocyanate.

Other materials available include.

Coating Resins, UV Resins, Waterborne Resins and Pressure sensitive adhesives.

Should you have a specific need or requirement for the products from Aekyung, please do not hesitate the team here at MegaChem. Samples and further information is available upon request.

Please stay tuned for our next supplier focus in June.



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