Titanium Dioxide

Following the recent rises in Titanium Dioxide prices we are still able to offer a competitively priced range of Titanium Dioxide grades to suit all applications. From Industrial and Decorative Coatings to Inks, Adhesives and Sealants and from Powdercoat to Plastics and Composites, our products are designed for maximum dispersion and high opacity. We also have specialist products for IR absorption to reduce heat build up. Talk to us about your application and we will make appropriate recommendations


The Megawax range of PE and PP waxes come in a range of melt temperatures and viscosities to maximise their use as pigment dispersants and internal lubricants across a broad range of polymer systems. Also suitable as viscosity modifiers in Hotmelt Adhesives and surface modifiers in coating systems and polishes, our waxes are of high quality and reasonably priced. Call us with your requirements.


The Omnistab range of Thermal and UV Stabilisers offer direct equivalents to standard grades including HALS products and blends to optimise your usage. Sensibly priced and suitable for Plastics as well as Industrial and Decorative Coatings, contact us for advice, pricing and samples.


We offer a comprehensive range of MDI, TDI, HDI based systems including adducts and trimers as well as blocked systems. Suitable for coating and casting systems as well as foams, we are well placed to offer a competitive range in drums IBCs and isotanks. Call to discuss your needs.

About us

Megachem are global distributors and suppliers of industrial chemicals across all sectors and applications. The quality of our products and raw materials is unrivalled and you are safe in the knowledge that not only will we deliver on time, we will back you with strong technical support to enable you to explore options and develop plans that meet your business needs. We are big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

Apr 03 2018 TiO2 used in white paint
Titanium Dioxide Prices Continue to Increase as Supply Tightens

In December of 2016, we wrote about the steady increase in the price of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), concluding that given the unique properties and versatility of the product; it was no surprise we were seeing prices progressively rising. You can read this blog in full here. Fast forward a year, supply of the compound is becoming tighter and prices are continuing to increase; with a… View Article

Oct 16 2017
MegaChem (UK) Ltd Delivers at Interplas

Following months of planning we enjoyed a very busy three days at the NEC welcoming customers, both old and new, to our first ever stand at Interplas. While we were a little unsure as to how a raw materials supplier would fit into the mix, we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of enquiries that we generated and we are now busy… View Article

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